Terms and conditions for Expatriate Counseling, Robbert Nuis Master NLP practitioner, International Counselor and HIBMA Trainer.

  1. Expatriate Counseling (E.C.) is set up to help every individual/couple/group with his/her/their process in the most efficient way possible.
  2. E.C. has no intake interview, unless specifically requested by the client – sessions begin immediately.
  3. E.C. respects the individual process and progress. In practice this means that session length is flexible and may be anywhere from 30 minutes and on occasion have taken as long as 2 hours in the past. Individual arrangements can be made to suit the client’s needs.
  4. E.C. recommends that clients permit themselves extra time to allow the information to integrate afterwards.
Rates in THB:
  • Private sessions 3925 THB per hour (approx. 125 USD, 103 Euro)
  • Home/office calls 6250 THB + travel expenses
  • Couples 5500 THB per hour per couple
  • payment in cash after session
  • Bank transfers/Credit Card/PayPal payments the same day require a minimum 50% deposit to book your appointment prior to your appointment
  • Free phone support (max 10 min per call)
  • Sessions cancelled by email prior to the appointment will not be charged
Expatriate Counseling can be contacted for:
  1. Crisis Management
  2. Crisis Prevention
  3. Personal Development
These services are all standard with Expatriate Counseling
  • Discretion assured! –Expatriate Counseling keeps no records of your sessions
  • High standard of service
  • Day time, evening and weekend sessions at no extra charge!
  • Home and office calls (additional fees apply)
  • Phone/Skype and email support
  • Easy payment – Cash, PayPal, International bank transfers (local bank payments available in USD, THB and Euros)

If you are interested in a more spiritual/holistic approach please visit my other website, https://conscious-living-coaching.com/