Online Coaching

How You Can Benefit From Online Coaching

As an online coach, I am a personal and professional mentor who teaches and guides my clients to meet and exceed their goals. For nearly 20 years, I have worked both in person and virtually with expats the world over for Personal Development, marriage/relationship coaching, lifestyle, and career coaching and more recently Covid-19 Coaching.

Through online coaching, my clients drastically improve their relationships, excel at their chosen careers, and find profound meaning in their lives. 
How Online Coaching with Expatriate Counseling Works

Research now recognizes that online counseling/coaching is as effective as face-to-face counseling.

Our effective online coaching sessions often touch on a combination of lifestyle, career, and relationship coaching because everything in our lives is intertwined. Sometimes, a career coaching takes a deep dive into personal issues as it unfolds as the root of all challenges.

All our sessions are scheduled according to your convenience so you can focus on the work we need to do together without distractions. We can conduct our sessions through a virtual communication platform such as Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom or Signal for more privacy. In between sessions, we can communicate generally by text or email.

Online/virtual coaching is perfect for those who:
  • have hectic schedules
  • travel a lot for work
  • have trouble adapting to new cultures
Take the first step and improve your life

Whether you’re an expat executive who wants to improve your career, an individual looking to make changes to your life and feeling stuck, or a couple in a multicultural relationship, speak with Robbert to see if Expatriate Counseling would be the ideal partner to help you on your journey.


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