Covid-19 Coaching

Combat the Impact of COVID-19 on Your Mental Health!

The unprecedented COVID-19 crisis virtually affected every facet of life that triggered new challenges. Aside from the physical health risks, COVID-19 also poses significant risks to mental health and well-being. We are living through disruptive times and uncertainties and this pandemic is inducing a considerable degree of fear, depression, anxiety, and stress amongst us.

Many have raised concerns about its effects on mental health. In a recent research, published in The Lancet, it found associations between COVID-19 and psychiatric disorders, dementia, anxiety, depression, insomnia, in a retrospective cohort studies using data from 69 million individuals.

Even for those who have not been diagnosed with COVID-19, state-imposed national lockdown measures have increased feelings of isolation, restlessness, loneliness, and anxiety. Such measures forced people to adapt to new realities but by quickly reacting, we became more irritable.

In addition to concerns for one’s and family members’ health, the anxiety around COVID-19 includes not being able to work as usual, loss of income, isolation, ability to support medication/hospitalization, financial security, etc.

Besides mental health concerns, movement restrictions due to lockdown open up opportunities for another worldwide crisis – domestic violence. The COVID-19 pandemic has flourished this pre-existing crisis to a more severe and more dangerous one.  Women and children, as one of the most vulnerable, remain at greater risk of abusive treatment.

How Can Online Coaching Help You?

Many have suggested taking breaks from watching, reading, or listening to pandemic-related news to somehow ease the anxiety. While some have suggested to consider the lockdown as an opportune time to pick up a new language, learn a new skill or finally finish a personal project. This pandemic certainly has left many of us not only reevaluating our personal lives but our work lives as well. An experienced coach can guide you to focus on your priorities and the future.

Online Coaching may be considered as a viable approach in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic for enhancing individual mental health and well-being. Unlike medical doctors, coaches don’t tackle clinical issues. Rather, we aim to improve one’s performance and help clients manage their emotions. My unique approach focuses to help you find inner clarity, improve relationships, manage stress, and reduce anxiety.

To help cope with your Covid-19 situation, I can support you in:
  • Marriage/relationship counseling
  • Stress/productivity related to new work arrangements or returning to work
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Fears/Addictions
  • Life coaching

The pandemic has affected people physically, socially, and mentally. But with the tailored approach to suit your needs and correct guidance, I can help you to achieve milestones despite the disruption and adjustments, improve your well-being and quality of life.

Take the first step and reach out to discuss how I can help you succeed in the face of adversity.