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Adjusting to Life Abroad – It only matters what you do now!

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You know you aren’t where you want to be, mentally and physically. But how do you get to where you want to be, even if you don’t know exactly what this is?

A life coach who understands your personal psyche and can help you remove that façade to get to the real you. And, that’s what I offer – a proven process to support you in making better decisions that reshape your present and prepare you for a happier future.

Read more about the Controlled Exit Strategy.


Life Coaching

I help expatriates and digital nomads across the world improve their lives and future through personal change. As an NLP Master Practitioner, I help you figure out what is blocking you from your true path. It’s not about telling you what to do. It’s about finding those obstacles in your life and mind and guiding you in the right direction to take charge and live the life you need.


Areas of your life that Life Coaching and Expatriate Counseling can improve

Stress Management | Self-Confidence | Anxiety/Depression | Relationships/Marriage


Individual Counseling

Individual counseling and coaching for expats and digital nomads help with anxiety, coping with major life challenges, self-growth, and confidence amongst a wide range of other issues.


Marriage/Relationship Counseling

From work-life balance to communication problems and intimacy issues, relationship counseling can help you improve your marriage or family relationships.


Career Counseling

If you feel stuck or unfulfilled in your current job, career counseling is ideal to aid you in identifying the reasons why and what to do to make better choices and improve your happiness.


Conscious Living Coaching

How to unplug from the matrix, leave the system, your relationship or career in the least damaging way through the Controlled Exit Strategy. With Conscious Living Coaching you can make those changes you have dreamed of for so long. The CES will prepare you so you can follow your own heart again and feel good about it.


How We Work Together


You can access these services from the comfort of your home anywhere on the globe. Sessions can be scheduled for evenings and weekends which are convenient for you. Our pre-arranged sessions will be held via Skype.

In Person:

I’m currently based in The Netherlands. If you’re an expat or digital nomad living in The Netherlands, we can schedule face to face sessions .


It’s time to take back control of your life. Schedule a no obligation, 15-minute consultation and let’s talk about what I can assist you with and how my work method can make a difference in your life.

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