Robbert Nuis

Who Am I

My name is Robbert Nuis. I bring nearly 20 years of experience in coaching and counselling. I’m a Multicultural International Counselor and certified Master NLP Practitioner.robbert nuis expatriate counseling

Over the course of my private practice, I have worked with individuals, expats, executives, and diplomats, coming from different backgrounds. I have coached and counseled my clients on a wide range of areas including lifestyle, career, marriage and relationships, fears and trauma, and different forms of addiction. I have helped them maximize their personal and professional potential and guided them to lead happier lives.

My Qualifications:

* Master NLP Practitioner (studied under Carl Buchheit Ph.D. at NLP Marin, California, U.S.A.)
• NLP Practitioner (studied under Carl Buchheit Ph.D. at NLP Marin, California, U.S.A.)
• Hypnotherapy (Studied under Randal Churchill at Hypnotherapy Training Institute, California, U.S.A)
• Master NLP Practitioner (BGL, Hoofddorp, Netherlands)
• Spirituality and NLP, Arcturus, (studied under Eric Schneider, Kessel, Belgium)
• NLP Practitioner (BGL, Hoofddorp, Netherlands)

Clients I Have Worked With

Throughout my career, I have coached top executives across the globe from Fortune 500 companies such as Apple, Microsoft, PepsiCo, Coca Cola, Adidas, Nike, LVMH, Philips, Shell, etc.

A digital nomad myself, I have travelled and lived across the United States, Canada, Europe, and Southeast Asia. I now travel between the Netherlands and Thailand and continue working with different clients. This life experience offers me a unique perspective into a myriad of people’s challenges and obstacles that resonate with my clients.

What You Can Expect in Working with Me

Highly trained and equipped with knowledge and wisdom, I’m uniquely positioned to coach people with different goals and motivations by planning their desired growth plan. In my approach, I apply the Controlled Exit Strategy (C.E.S.™), a method of leaving a bad situation in life that is least damaging to oneself and surroundings. Working collaboratively with my clients, I establish trust to allow an open and honest environment for communication and introspection. I guide them with passion and a high level of professionalism.

You can also expect:
  • Active engagement in our sessions which are guided along your style of self-expression so you can be relaxed and receptive to change
  • Techniques and tools based on NLP best practices that support the alignment of your goals and actions
  • Accessibility for our sessions in the evenings or on weekends, at no extra cost
A few facts about me

As the cliché puts it, I subscribe to the belief of “practice what you preach”. While I enjoy socializing, I certainly enjoy and thrive in solitude. Moreover, I have a (really) healthy lifestyle which includes eating and drinking healthy: no sugars, no fats, vegetarian/vegan with sometimes chicken or fish. I don’t smoke, and I don’t drink alcohol. My day usually involves regular exercise, frequent walks, yoga, meditation, and relaxation, and while enjoying life by being present. I have found these activities therapeutic and a way to handle stress that can arise from moving to an unfamiliar place, dealing with new relationships, and nurturing with old ones. And incorporating these activities in our daily lives actually comes down to the choices we actively make. If you want someone in your corner to help you in the process of making the kind of choices that can transform your life, then I’d love to help.

Robert’s Bio

Robbert-Jan Nuis is an Author, Speaker, Multicultural International Counselor, and a certified Master NLP Practitioner. He has coached top executives from Fortune 500 companies such as Apple, Microsoft, PepsiCo, Coca Cola, Adidas, Nike, LVMH, Philips, Shell, etc. across the world. He has worked with expats and (digital) nomads to breakthrough their personal challenges to live happier and healthier lives.

RJ is the author of “How I Became Me Again”, a semi-autobiographical book. This serves also as a framework of his training program that helps people confront their obstacles to achieving a fuller and more harmonious life.

In December 2020, he published his first E-Book. “Wake-Up With the Controlled Exit Strategy” is a self-help guide and workbook for people overwhelmed with the stresses of the corporate world. It equates the “rat race” to deep sleep and waking up to freedom. It provides insights into the process of waking up from the perspective of an expert who has gone through it.