Online Coaching

Why Online Coaching Services?

Crisis Management and Prevention and Personal Development
What is online coaching?

As an online coach, I am a personal and professional mentor who teaches and guides my clients to meet and exceed their goals. I work virtually with expats the world over for personal Life Crisis Management and Crisis Prevention, Personal Development, relationship, lifestyle, and career coaching. Through online coaching, my clients improve their relationships, excel at their chosen careers, and find meaning in their lives.

How Online Coaching with EC Works

I specialize in helping people be more confident, motivated, and happy with their life and the future they are carving out for themselves.
Our coaching sessions often become a combination of lifestyle, career, and relationship coaching because everything in our lives is linked. Combined with the tenets of NLP, I help individuals like you break through what’s keeping them stuck to find clarity, happiness, and success within a shorter time.
Our sessions are scheduled for your convenience so you can focus on the work we need to do together without distractions. Our coaching sessions are done via a virtual communication platform such as Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom or Signal for more privacy. Follow-up communication in between sessions is generally by text or email.
Each client receives a customized coaching program tailored to their specific needs. And you won’t need to worry about adhering to a strict 45-minute or 1-hour time frame for each call and that’s it. We together work as needed to ensure you are getting the most effective coaching service for better results.

Online Coaching Rates

Rates in Euro (online/virtual):

Private session € 95 per hour
Couples € 115 per hour per couple
Payment in full prior to session
Free phone support (max 10 min per call)

Why an online coaching service for expats

As an expat, you will face unique challenges in your life, career, and relationships. I should know because I’ve been an expat for over 47 years and have coached over a thousand persons throughout my career. So, I have intimate knowledge of the frustrations and difficulties you face daily in all aspects of your life. I’ve also learned how to enjoy and live in the moment.
What I also have is the training and skillset to help you identify the root cause of the challenges, how to tackle them, and how to move forward to a happier you.
As your virtual coach, I am therefore well-positioned to guide you in building a life that’s one you truly enjoy waking up to every day.

Online/Virtual coaching is perfect for those who:

• have busy schedules
• travel a lot for their jobs
• are expats moving and want an accessible coach
• have trouble adapting to new cultures

If you’re feeling stuck and unmotivated, want to improve your relationship, or want to achieve a goal, then let’s talk.

Online coaching is not therapy!

While I have studied psychology, I follow the NLP method for our counseling/coaching sessions. So, you won’t need to lay on a couch and recap your childhood for me (though we may end up discussing it depending on how our sessions go).
My coaching services are about creating lasting change from quick results, and NLP is known for its effectiveness with fast results. With online coaching, you can get clarity and better focus in your life to make your dreams and goals that much more attainable.
As your coach, you can rely on me to be open, honest, and discrete in our sessions. And I look forward to you also being open and honest, so your transformation can take place sooner rather than later.

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