Getting Results

How do we achieve our desired results?

I decided to become a counselor/coach to help people find their true self and become the best of what they can be. I find great enjoyment learning about people and guiding them to unleash the best version of themselves.

However, the path to self-discovery and self-awareness is not always easy. But as your counselor/coach, I leverage my education, knowledge, and life-long experience to enable you to realize your dreams and reach your goals.

Putting in the work

While I provide you the guidance, toolset strategies, and techniques, you must commit to doing the work and apply them in your life to make the positive changes you seek. Without doing the exercises, writings, and other homework, it is nearly impossible for any change to occur.

You achieve positive results when you invest the time and energy that is needed for change. Learning about yourself and committing to change are part of the program.

Your commitment to change

 As your counselor/coach, you would expect me to be fully committed and invested in helping you achieve your dreams and goals. Change, however, can only happen if you are equally, if not, more committed. Self-discovery and increasing confidence can be hard work and will bring up many emotions and struggles.

Tough questions will be brought up to allow you to introspect, evaluate your life, habits, and behaviors.

As a professional coach with over 18+ years of client experience, I give utmost respect to you and your situation. By seeking assistance from me, you signed up for honesty from an external source to facilitate your change.

Tough questions

When we begin our engagement, you will hear the things that your family, friends, or colleagues are afraid to tell you. This honesty is not meant to hurt or sabotage you, but to make you aware.

Questions around the most painful points in your life, areas of improvement, opportunities for growth, would be the typical questions I will raise.

Sometimes, you will find despair and hopelessness in figuring out the root of your issues and concerns. But I promise you that walking through what seems to be a dark tunnel will be worth seeing the light at the end.

As your guide, I will push through the tough moments, step-by-step. If you are, however, unable to commit, perhaps, the alternative for you is to work at your own pace and convenience through this E-Book.

Learn more about Wake-Up with the Controlled Exit Strategy E-Book

Your dreams and goals

Even through your most difficult moments, it is important to keep sight of your ultimate goal. Know that I am here to help you achieve a better life.

It is therefore paramount that we work together and trust my skills, abilities, and experience.

By reaching out to me, you are making the first active step to change your life for the better.