Frequently Asked Questions about Expatriate Counseling

Why Expatriate Counseling?

Because Expatriate Counseling has been helping people from all walks of life from all around the world since 2004!

What is Expatriate Counseling?

Expatriate Counseling offers coaching, counseling and therapy for Expats by Expat. Main areas of expertise are: Crisis management & prevention and Personal Development. Self-development can be marriage/relationship counseling, Career Coaching and life style coaching.

Where are you located?

I travel between Thailand and The Netherlands. So if you like to meet in person it can be in one of these two countries.

Do you offer online sessions?

Yes, now more than ever, since Covid-19, I help most of my clients through online sessions using Skype/Signal/WhatsApp/Zoom or whatever we both feel comfortable using. Check out your options here.

How can Expatriate Counseling help me?

E.C. can help you get whatever you like, if, assuming you know what you want and put in the effort needed. But in short, Expatriate Counseling helps you to see and re-connect with your true self, hidden behind masks, distractions and addictions so you can decide to live a happier, healthier life with more freedom through control.

Why work with you, Robbert?

Because I have been living a conscious life since my first waking up when I was 16 years old. I have gone through many personal, physical and spiritual challenges and changes and worked with hundreds of people from all walks of life over the past 18 years in my private practice. I have 49 years Expat experience living in different countries learning from different cultures and been a digital nomad since 2004. More About RJ

How long before Expatriate Counseling gives me results?

You will see results as quickly as during the first session. Your results of course depend on the efforts you put into it during our sessions and afterwards. It also depends on how much you push yourself to find the boundaries of your comfort zone. I will continue to push the envelope and help you see your blind spots for you to learn the lessons to help you grow. Getting Results!

Why are you rates higher than some others?

The simple answer: I get results quicker! From the onset it is my intention to help you in the least amount of time. In the end you’ll still be better of with me.

Also, 10% of your fee is put into the suicide prevention fund to help others who may not have a lot of money but still need help.

Are you a psychologist/doctor?

No I am not and that works to your benefit. I studied psychology but after discovering NLP I found I could accomplish more with faster and better results using mainly NLP. I also have an extensive array of own personal life experiences added to my education which makes me more effective when I share my personal life lessons with you.

Can you prescribe medicine/anti-depressants?

No I cannot. With my help you don’t need medicine. People under the influence of (heavy) medication are not in full contact with their feelings and emotions so it’s harder to make lasting change. Medicine changes your levels of consciousness artificially and thus skews the reality of your awareness.

Can I get reimbursement from my insurance company for our sessions?

I don’t know, that depends on your insurance policy or package. Please check with your insurance company. I don’t work with insurance companies anymore. My experience has been that they dictate how I should work with clients and mainly look at what is best for their pocket and not what is best for you. My priority is you. I cannot be limited in my working methods because a for profit company wants to limit my way of helping you.

Why do I need coaching/counseling?

It’s an investment in your own life. By regular maintenance you prevent major disasters in the future.


Crisis Prevention

Crisis Management

Personal Development

Do you have a book I can buy?

I sure do. My Wake Up with the Controlled Exit Strategy E-book you can buy, download and get to work right away.