About EC

About Expatriate Counseling

For high impact life coaching to help you win at your career, relationship, and life and fulfilment

As an expat, you’re faced with unique challenges in your work, personal life, and relationships. Adjusting to a new environment and life can be a difficult task to accomplish on your own.
Expatriate Counseling helps you understand, change and adjust your personal issues while working towards a life, career, relationship you will enjoy. You’ll leave with the insights needed to understand your current situation and how to address your pressing needs (even if you can’t identify them) for a brighter future.

Client successes have included:

✅The courage to move on from failed or unhealthy relationships and jobs that aren’t feeding your soul
✅Climbing the corporate ladder while in an expat post
✅Developing fulfilling relationships, even long-distance when all else seems to fail
✅Transitioning from one expat experience to another, even with major cultural and personal obstacles in the way

EC helps you forge bold steps for a brighter future
Why Expatriate Counseling?

A service that expats have come to rely on since 2004, Expatriate Counseling helps expats seamlessly transition before or after their move to a new environment. While we specialize in working with expats from western countries moving to S.E. Asia, RJ also works with expats throughout Europe and across the globe. Our services are tailored to your needs and lifestyle which means flexible scheduling.
We also do not subscribe to the policy of a strict 1-hour coaching session as we understand that life evolves and your needs in the moment cannot be dictated by time. Our goal is to see you reach your best potential. Through Expatriate Counseling, Robbert Nuis offers an inclusive coaching practice designed to make life’s transitions seamless.

We hold true to a set of Core Values that defines how we interact with you:

• Discretion: Your personal matters are kept confidential and in the strictest of confidence.
• Openness: An open, honest relationship on both sides ensures you can get your results faster.
• Honesty: Things that are hidden limit progress. We’ll be open and honest with each other.