About EC

About Expatriate Counseling

For high-impact life coaching to help you succeed in your career, relationship, life and fulfillment.

As an expat, living in a different country and experiencing different cultures, you’re  faced with unique challenges in all fronts of your life-work, personals, and relationships. Such a life transition makes adjusting to a totally new environment a difficult task to accomplish by yourself.

Expatriate Counseling helps you understand, change, and adjust your personal issues while working towards a life, career, or relationship that you will profoundly enjoy. After every session, you will leave with insights and tools you need to evaluate your current situation and learn how to address the most pressing issues.

Expatriate Counseling allows for a safe space for you to see and reconnect with your true self, hidden behind the mask, obscured from distractions and addictions so you make an active decision to live a happier, healthier life with more freedom through control.

Here are some client successes:

✅The courage to move on from failed or unhealthy relationships and jobs that aren’t feeding their soul
✅Climbing the corporate ladder while in an expat post
✅Developing fulfilling relationships, even long-distance relationships when all else seems to fail
✅Transitioning from one expat experience to another, even with major cultural and personal obstacles in the way

Expatriate Counseling helps you forge bold steps for a brighter future

Why Expatriate Counseling?

Expatriate Counseling has been helping people seamlessly transition to life changes or a new environment from all walks of life from all over the world since 2004! Our founder, Robbert Nuis, has counseled hundreds of expatriates and guided them to self-discovery, self-awareness, and self-fulfillment. Although Robbert has extensive experience working with expats from western countries moving to Southeast Asia, he also guides expats throughout Europe and anywhere in the world. Expatriate Counseling is not subscribed to a strict 1-hour coaching session as we understand that each personal situation is unique and has entirely different circumstances. Our goal is to see you maximize your potential and meet and realize your dreams.

Our Core Values

At Expatriate Counseling, we adhere to core values that define how we interact with you and all of our clients.

  • Discretion: We keep your personal data and personal matters in the strictest confidence.
  • Openness: We cultivate an open, honest, and safe relationship to ensure you can get your results faster.
  • Honesty: We believe that honesty fosters any relationship deeper. It allows for trust that is critical to the coaching relationship.