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Hi Robbert-Jan, thank you for your message, everything is going well. I just defended my PhD thesis and I am very happy with my job. Actually the work vision you helped me to write is coming to life now as we speak. I am becoming a recognized expert in my field and I am the author of few articles, a book chapter and the dissertation book. I am also asked quite often to deliver presentations and I have been a keynote speaker on few occasions. Thank you so much for your amazing help! I hope all is good with you.

Natasha Kazakhstan

PhD, Keynote speaker, Author

After acknowledging my repetitive behavior in failed relationships and associated personal struggles, Robbert helped me chip away at my mental barriers and fears. He has helped put me on a path of self-awareness and healing and, as a result, provided me with renewed confidence in listening to my spirit. Denying my Ego when making decisions has not been an easy practice but when I allow the Spirit its rightful place in my direction, it feels right, I feel centered and it ultimately provides me a welcome calm that I’m still getting used to. I hope that the guidance in Wake Up With The Controlled Exit Strategy E-book can be as insightful, encouraging and healing as the experiences I’ve had with Robbert.

Nick Amsterdam


“Robbert has been helping me to manage my multi-cultural long distance relationship between Iceland and China which resulted in an already 2 year happy marriage despite many cultural challenges and a lot of skepticism within our both families”

H.L. Iceland

26 y.o.

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Wake up with the controlled exit strategy E-book by Robbert Nuis

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Wake Up With the Controlled Exit Strategy is a self-help guide and workbook for people overwhelmed with the stresses of the corporate world. It equates the “rat race” to deep sleep and waking up to freedom. It provides insights into the process of waking up from the expert angle of someone who’s done it. The book also provides a clear process to either carry out a similar exit (using the workbooks to guide the process) or through conscious living coaching.

The text follows a clear path from understanding to action and results. It uses a mixture of first-person accounts to engender closeness with the readers, and second-person narrative, which puts readers squarely in the story of actively managing their own destiny.

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A Multicultural International Counselor and a certified Master NLP Practitioner, Robbert Nuis has coached top executives from fortune 500-companies across the world. He has also worked with expats and (digital) nomads to overcome their personal challenges to become their true selves and enjoy life.

Robbert has built a life of serving others and helping them to meet their potential. He is the author of Wake Up with the Controlled Exit Strategy, which he has converted into a training program that helps people confront their obstacles to achieving a fuller and more harmonious life.

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“I am an international coach, trainer and author. For nearly 20 years I have advised people on how to improve their working relationships and enhance the quality of their lives. I’ve provided professional training on improving relationships, personal development and related topics.” Robbert Nuis